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Kevin Streelman Chicago, IL Pro Tour Golfer

6,000 Follicular Units

During his rookie year on the PGA TOUR, Kevin Streelman delivered a breakout performance with four top 10 finishes and, just a few short years later, he went on to capture his first PGA TOUR win. He’s been a formidable competitor on the TOUR ever since – but one who didn’t really relish taking off his cap for the post-round handshake.

“I started losing my hair when I was about 18 years old, so playing a sport that requires a ball cap was just fine with me. I could cover up my receding hairline,” Streelman said.

Like a lot of men, Kevin’s introduction to RESTORE came courtesy of Brian Urlacher. Unlike a lot of men, however, he heard about RESTORE directly from Brian – when they were playing a round of golf together. “Brian had great results and spoke really highly about his experience with RESTORE,” Kevin said. “Then I saw what RESTORE was able to do for other clients like Ryne Sandberg. I was curious about what they could do for me.”

Once Kevin had his consultation, the decision was easy. “Getting the RESTORE FUE procedure was a no brainer. My advisor made me feel very comfortable with the process. I knew what to expect going in and what my results could look like.”

And those results have exceeded his expectations. “Winning on the TOUR takes confidence,” Kevin said. “This new hairline has boosted my confidence in my appearance and in my game. And I definitely don’t mind that post-game handshake anymore!”

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“I hated taking my hat off for that handshake, especially when TV cameras were around.”

- Kevin Streelman

When did you start thinking about getting a hair procedure?

I had been losing my hair since my late teens, but it wasn’t until my early 30s when I could really tell in pictures. That was a motivator.


It was a no brainer after I saw Brian and Ryne’s results. They just look so natural.

How was your RESTORE experience?

I had no idea a hair procedure would be this easy or comfortable. The staff was incredible, I had no pain or stiches, and I got to catch up on Breaking Bad. The day flew by!

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