Grow thicker, fuller hair
without surgery or downtime.

If you’re worried about thinning hair but aren’t ready for a hair restoration procedure, EVERHAIR is the solution for you. It's effective non-surgical hair regrowth is quick, easy, and affordable way to help stop hair loss and regrow your hair to take years off your looks.

Stop Shedding 

Increase thickness of thinning hair

promote hair growth



Matt D. Age 32, EverHair Complete Package

" I'm so blown away with my results, and the treatment was beyond easy. "

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A Complete Hair Growth Program

Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) stimulates stem cells at the base of hair follicles. You’ll have use of a doctor- approved, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) device that helps to prevent future hair loss and also promotes hair growth.

Prescription-Strength Medications and Shampoo

You’ll get a personalized, doctor-prescribed regimen of Finasteride and Minoxidil to fight male-pattern baldness, along with specially formulated anti-inflammatory shampoo.

All Office Visits

Your program will be managed and progress monitored by a RESTORE physician.

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& Save $1,000 on your F.U.E. Procedure

Get a quote

& Save $1,000 on your F.U.E. Procedure

Exact cost depends on your level of hair loss. Tell us about your hair loss to get a quick quote. A full head of hair pays off for a lifetime.

$1,000 off full price. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers  

$1,000 off full price. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.  

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