RESTORE F.U.E. It’s not your father’s hair restoration.

Now you can have the thicker, fuller head of hair you want—with no ugly hair plugs or linear scars. The breakthrough RESTORE F.U.E. method is a quick and comfortable outpatient procedure that lets you regrow your own hair. Results are permanent, natural, and virtually undetectable.

From celebrities and athletes to businessmen and everyman,
more than 10,000 men from all walks of life are regrowing their
hair thanks to RESTORE.

100% Natural, Undetectable Results

No one will know but you. You’ll get a fuller, thicker head of hair— and great looks—without ugly hair plugs or a visible scar line.

Breakthrough, Non-Invasive Approach

Other clinics harvest donor hair by stripping skin from the back of the head. At RESTORE you’ll get the results you want minus the scalpel and stitches.

Comfortable Procedure

Sit back, stream movies, browse the web or read a book. You’ll spend the afternoon relaxing in a posh suite while we RESTORE your hair.