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The RESTORE F.U.E Method: A
Breakthrough in Hair Restoration

No Scalpel, No Stitches, No Linear Scarring

Awful-looking hair plugs, permanent linear scarring and long painful surgeries are a thing of the past. The RESTORE F.U.E. Method is a quick, safe and comfortable outpatient procedure. You can get back your hair — and your life — in less than a day.

Thanks to our expert artistry, the result is soft, natural, and virtually undetectable. After all, it's your own hair, just relocated from one spot to another. For nearly 20 years, RESTORE has changed the way more than 10,000 men look thanks to this affordable, life-changing procedure.

RESTORE F.U.E method vs. Old 'strip' method image comparison RESTORE F.U.E method vs. Old 'strip' method image comparison

Get back to work and back to life in no time.

Your Restore procedure won’t take you out of the action. Most of our clients report little if any discomfort whatsoever, and are generally back to work right away.

For the ultimate in convenience and discretion, choose our no-shave Executive F.U.E. You can be back in front of clients and looking your best the next day.

after the procedure

Start regrowing your hair and regaining your confidence.

Most clients see growth begin around 90 days, and then continue gradually throughout the rest of the year. As your hair grows in, people will notice that you look younger, but they may not know why. Thanks to the gradual regrowth and RESTORE’s expert artistry, the only way they’ll know about your procedure is if you tell them.

after the procedure
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