Brian Urlacher & RESTORE!

Brian Urlacher and RESTORE

  • Brian Urlacher showcases that hair loss is easier to tackle than ever. The Chicago Bears favorite has a record for hard hits, smart plays, and athletic charm. His trademark baldness also followed him throughout his career.

The reaction to Brian’s January 5, 2016 reveal was priceless. Before the reveal, very few people, even in Brian’s personal life, had any idea of his new look. Urlacher had actually gone to RESTORE, for an eight-hour procedure back in November 2014, keeping his hair under wraps for a year and a half.

The results, scar-free and 100% natural, attracted major media attention, including Chicago TribuneGQ, and The Washington Post.

Old teammates and friends also shared in the commotion. The Chicago Bears posted a tweet with various personalities superimposed with Urlacher’s hair. Other personalities joining in the humor include Lance Briggs and Hector Diaz, in their own offbeat manner.

“It looks so real because it is. It’s my hair! People are surprised because they haven’t seen me with hair my whole career,” Urlacher said when asked about his opinion on his new look and the reactions he received. “I’m going to have hard time picking out a ‘do that looks good for me, or that I think looks good for me,” Urlacher said when interviewing with Dan Patrick. “My kids were obviously the main people I had to run it by,” he said. “And my daughter said it doesn’t look bad. That’s a good thing.”

Urlacher’s transformation is a result of groundbreaking innovations in hair restoration. FUE, follicular unit excision, is a method that removes individual hair from donor areas, usually the side and back areas of the head, and transplants them to bald spots. Unlike other procedures, FUE requires minimal downtime and zero trauma.

Urlacher was able to jump right back into action. “This is for everyone,” said Urlacher during the procedure. “The whole process has been very enjoyable.”

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