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Does a Hair Transplant Cause Dandruff?

Will a hair transplant give me dandruff?

Quite a few men ask us: "does a hair transplant cause dandruff?"

To answer concisely, no - there is no correlation whatsoever between a hair transplant and dandruff. However, dandruff after a hair transplant can occur for other reasons, like beginning to use a new hair loss shampoo or a topical medication like Rogaine, which happens commonly.

We actually encounter this scenario very frequently. After a hair transplant, we've noticed that lots of men start some kind of new, experimental, non-FDA approved “rapid growth” shampoo. More often than not, it is this change in a lifelong hair habit/routine that ultimately becomes the cause of their dandruff, rather than the surgery itself.

On a related note, if you're worried about a hair transplant causing dandruff, just continue using a normal shampoo after your surgery rather than a new one outside of your routine, or an experimental one.

Does a hair transplant cause dandruff?

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