Dr. Bruce Marko & Advanced Hair Transplant

Advanced Hair Transplant in Charlotte, North Carolina is proud to announce their partnership with the leading hair restoration company, RESTORE® Hair.

Advanced Hair Transplant in Charlotte, is now RESTORE® Denver. The same doctors you know and trust, with the leading Hair Restoration company. 

RESTORE  Charlotte

Dr. Bruce Marko is a recognized leader and innovator in the field of hair restoration. He's restored thousands of patient's hair over his 20 year career.

Dr. Bruce Marko

Hair Restoration Physician

Charlotte, NC

Real Clients, 
Real Results

Unnatural looking hair plugs, donor area linear scarring & long painful recoveries are a thing of the past.
The RESTORE F.U.E. Method is a quick, safe and comfortable outpatient procedure. The process to get your back takes less than a day.

 F.U.E. Method

Imagine...growing thicker, fuller hair with the revolutionary RESTORE®
F.U.E. Method. You'll be in and out in a day, with little or no downtime.  Your hair loss won't stop until you do something about it.