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Understand the Common Elements that Cause Hair Loss

People have long associated overexposure to certain toxins to hair loss or alopecia. In the last few years, the perception has been shifted to heavy metals such as mercury. Recent studies have moved the blame to non-metal toxins such as dietary supplements, drugs, and household items. According to Femina, here are surprising elements that cause hair loss:

Hair Styling Products

Overuse of certain unregulated products can also cause hair loss. The list includes dyes, shampoos, and styling products that contain toxic chemicals. Natural shampoos are highly recommended because most shampoos in the market contain a toxic compound called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). The presence of SLS can compromise your immune system, thereby causing the hair follicles to corrode and impede normal hair growth.  

Nutritional Deficiency

Studies show lack of essential nutrients in your diet can also be blamed for hair loss. The nutrients include proteins, copper, zinc, iron, and vitamin D.


Excessive stress can lead to unexpected hair loss. You can reduce stress-induced hair loss by following a regular exercise regimen, massage, and meditation.

Medical Conditions

Several medical conditions have been linked to hair loss. These include aging and alopecia areata. Aging is a natural process that causes the hair to recede. Typically, the hair strands will grow smaller and feature diminished pigmentation. The hair then turns thinner and gray. Alopecia areata is a well-researched autoimmune condition that affects less than 3% of the population. It causes patches of hair loss, which later lead to baldness.

The Restore Hair Advantage

At Restore, we will help get your hair back much more quickly, comfortably, and naturally. What’s more interesting is that our results are permanent and literary undetectable. With our solutions, you’ll be able to spend your afternoons watching movies while we transfer healthy hair follicles to the bald areas. To get a quick estimate and learn more about our service offerings, visit our website or call 866 714 0206. We operate in Chicago, Charlotte, Denver, Dallas, and New York.

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