The hair on my head is now consistent with the way I feel.
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Harris as a gentleman, surgeon, and expert in hair restoration. He combines technical skill and an esthetic sense of what looks good for an individual. From the initial interview, Dr. Harris gave me an oversight in hair restoration, both medical and surgical, as it related to me personally. Then he presented what he can offer and what is realistic in expectations. This was clearly quite personalized based on my genetics, age and the current state of hair on my head. With the assistance of talented technicians and staff, Dr. Harris performed outstanding hair restoration surgical procedures. The end result is an actualization of the skill with which the procedures were carried out. I am pleased beyond expectations quite frankly. I am not the “youngest kid on the block,” but I enjoy excellent health and feel youthful in all respects. The hair on my head is now consistent with the way I feel. Thank you Dr. Harris and your entire staff which made for a smooth experience in a most professional setting.

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