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Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson

Pro Tour Golfer

As a 12-time PGA TOUR winner, Zach Johnson is no stranger to having all eyes on him. But through the years, he began to notice quite a bit of hair loss. While it didn’t cause him trouble on the green, it did shake his confidence when he removed his hat after a round.
Like many others, he learned about RESTORE from Brian Urlacher. After seeing his before and after photos, Zach was sold! He recalls being amazed at how easy

the FUE procedure was and how quickly he was back with his clubs. ”My results have been like my career – I just keep getting better every year!” Zach said. Since his procedure, Zach is proud of his new hair. He credits his regained youth to RESTORE’s magic.


What can people expect during the procedure?

You've got blankets, you've got food, you've got a TV. You can have a conversation or even take a nap. I felt like I was home on the couch.

How did you find RESTORE?

I got a text message from THE Brian Urlacher. I looked on the website and next thing you know I'm on my way to Chicago.

What advice do you have for other men who are experiencing hair loss?

Don't wait! You'll look back and wonder what took you so long. RESTORE will have you looking - and feeling - like you're in your 20s again.

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