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Ryne Sandberg

Ryne Sandberg

Hall of Fame Baseball Player

Nine days after his F.U.E. procedure with RESTORE, Baseball Hall of Fame legend Ryne Sandberg threw out the first pitch on opening day at Wrigley Field.

Not a bad way to kick-off a World Series-winning season.

“I hadn’t considered hair restoration before because I wasn’t a fan of how the procedures were done or how the results looked,” he said. “RESTORE changed my mind.”

Ryne spent almost his entire career as a player with the Chicago Cubs and thrilled fans by returning as an official team ambassador in 2016. As a player, Sandberg was a known as a formidable competitor and that drive showed through his 10 All-Star appearances and nine Gold Gloves wins. He was also known for his fierce head of hair. That head of hair, however, changed with time.

“My hair started thinning and that really picked up over the last few years,” Ryne said. “I was getting more self-conscious about going to events. If I didn’t cut or comb my hair just right, you could really tell I was losing it.”

Hair loss was especially challenging for Ryne, who loves outdoors activities like swimming and skiing, but had to contend with water and wind ruining his careful combing and betraying his hairline – something his young, honest grandchildren frequently pointed out. “They were always telling me: Pappy, you’re losing your hair!”

Ryne’s solution came in the form of RESTORE’s F.U.E. procedure. He credits the precise technology and natural looking results for helping him lead an active lifestyle without feel self-conscious.


When did you first realize you were losing your hair?

I was about 45 years old. I saw a photo of myself looking up at the scoreboard during a game from the ‘84 season. I realized I had so much hair back then – and really wished I had appreciated it then.

What’s been the reaction to your new look?

It’s been great. I love hearing fans say: "You look like you could still be playing – put on a uniform!"

How do you feel now that you have hair?

I have a renewed sense of youthfulness and energy, especially around my grandkids. I always feel young at heart when I’m with them, and now I have a look that matches that feeling!

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