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Life Changing Hair Transplant Results: 10,000 Clients Can’t Be Wrong

Over 10,000 patients can’t be wrong. RESTORE’s life changing hair transplant treatments are right for just about everyone. They also can be life changing. We may specialize in hair, but that’s only because we care about quality of life. Read on to learn what our patients thought about the procedure, the recovery, and the results.

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results - The Decision

The desire for a full head of hair is universal. The decision to actually have one? That’s individual. Here are our favorite moments when clients decided FUE was worth it.

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results

I started thinking about it and wondering what it would be like to have hair. I really felt that my buddies my age with hair looked younger. ” – Brian Urlacher, retired Chicago Bears linebacker

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results: 10,000 Clients Can't Be Wrong

I’m on TV about 80 times a year and if I’m not on TV, I’m still in front of people.” – Jim Cornelison, professional singer

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results: 10,000 Clients Can't Be Wrong

My teammates were more than happy to tell me my hair was getting thin…” – Bryan Bickell, Chicago Blackhawks winger

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results: 10,000 Clients Can't Be Wrong

You see ads for pills and creams, but in the end I knew that wasn’t going to do anything. I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice.” – Jordan S., entrepreneur

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results: 10,000 Clients Can't Be Wrong

I couldn’t shake the feeling that people weren’t looking at me, but at my receding hairline.” – Martin L., IT Consultant

The Procedure

FUE is a painless process. In fact, many clients find it quite enjoyable. The proper atmosphere and team are essential for a good experience, one reason why RESTORE is sensitive to both. Here’s what our past clients have to say:

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results: 10,000 Clients Can't Be Wrong

It was normal and natural as going in for a haircut ” – Jordan S., Entrepreneur

I read, I listened to music and watched a movie. It was just like sitting at my house but I was improving myself greatly” – Kurt W., Sales

I was surprised at how fast it went and how pain-free it was” – Brian Urlacher, retired Chicago Bears linebacker

You go in, you have it done and you go home” – Jim Cornelison, professional singer

They took the camera and showed me on the computer screen what my hair follicles looked like ” –  Bryan Bickell, Chicago Blackhawks winger

The Recovery

Recovery is from FUE is among the simplest around. Near everybody finds it unnoticeable. Getting back to daily activities is completely possible. But why listen to us? Here’s what our clients say.

The procedure took me out-of-action for zero days. I flew the next day and headed straight to the greens” – Brian Urlacher, retired Chicago Bears linebacker

I was able to go out dancing, out to restaurants and to the pool” – Andrew G., electrician

“I actually went back to work the next day ” – Jordan S., entrepreneur

The next day I attended my cousin’s wedding” – Enrique B., police officer

“I was doing what I normally do, weather it was watching horse racing or getting on a plane to Las Vegas” – Eddie Olezyk, Former Blackhawks center and current NHL announcer

The Results

RESTORE offers some of the best results in the industry. That’s saying something, as FUE is growing in popularity. Over 10,000 patients have left RESTORE happy. Here’s a few select reactions.

It looks so real because it is. It’s my hair! People are surprised because they haven’t seen me with hair for my whole career” – Brian Urlacher, retired Chicago Bears linebacker

You can cut it, you can pull it. It doesn’t matter because it’ll grow back” – Jason McKie, retired Chicago Bears Fullback

I couldn’t be happier and I want to let everyone know that they have the same opportunity that I had” – Kurt W., Sales

I started seeing results in a month and it kept getting better from there” – Martin L., IT consultant

It’s awesome what this procedure has done for me. IT’s given me more confidence in the I look” – Bryan Bickell, Chicago Blackhawks winger

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