Ah, if only you could wake up in the morning, pour a cup of coffee, run a comb through your hair, and go from a Norwood 5 to a Norwood 1.

That won’t happen anytime soon, and may never. But laser combs do exist, and Low Level Laser Therapy for hair loss does work in most cases. So the reality lies somewhere, but where? Here’s the truth, straight from the source.

Laser helmets are effective for hair loss

Laser Hair Therapy is a low level laser light treatment that in some studies seems to promote hair growth, slow hair loss and give hair a healthier appearance for both men and women. In clinical studies, all participants wearing the Theradome™ laser helmet for 20 minutes a day experienced one or more of the following:
• A slowing down of hair loss typically occurring 4-18 weeks into treatment
• An increase in hair follicle size, which promotes fuller, more lustrous hair and typically begins 18-26 weeks into treatment
• Growth of new healthy hair, which is normally seen at 26-52 weeks into treatment

Laser hair combs are effective—but there’s a catch

Laser combs employ the same technology as laser helmets, and both the combs and helmets do produce results. However, the compliance rate and exposure to scalp differs. When you use a helmet type of laser device you expose the entire thin area to the laser energy for the duration of the treatment (typically 20min). When you use a comb you have to move it to a new location every 20-30 seconds. That means if you’re treating one area with the comb, all the other thin areas are not being exposed until it is moved to the new location. So for the helmet a 20-minute treatment treats all areas for 20 minutes, while laser comb treatment treat all areas with less total time.

The second issue is compliance. If all you have to do is wear a helmet for 20 minutes that is much easier than sitting there with a comb and moving it to a new location every 20 seconds…your arm may get tired, you may get bored, or you may keep the comb in one place too long and in another area too for too short a time. With the helmet your hands are free to work on the computer, read a book or cook dinner. For these reasons the helmet is much more effective, and we offer it at RESTORE. We do not offer laser combs.

The FDA-cleared, clinical laser therapy Theradome™ system used by us at RESTORE is one of the most powerful low-level laser therapy devices currently available in the U.S and abroad. This process of stimulating hair follicles has been shown in some studies to grow hair, slow hair loss and give hair a healthier appearance.

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Dr. James A. Harris is an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon, inventor of patented follicular unit excision technology, published author in the field of hair restoration and an advocate for patient care. Learn more about Dr. Harris or read rave reviews from his patients.


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