Those looking for a hair transplant procedure in the Chicago area don’t need to look far. Yelp lists more than 20 clinics, with more popping up all the time. With so many options it’s clear that prospective patients need to know what questions to ask to narrow in on the right choice for them.

  • What are the physician’s qualifications?
  • What is the clinic’s reputation?
  • Are former patients happy with their procedure?
  • What is the clinic’s range of expertise?

Dr. Harris’s Qualifications

Experience is of prime importance when selecting a physician. Ideally, your chosen doctor will have certification from the ABHRS, American Board of Hair Restoration Society. This organization functions as quality assurance for patients and specialists looking to join a new clinic and administers examinations to qualify specialists in the field.

A practicing physician for over 25 years, Dr. Harris is one of the few physicians ever recertified by the ABHRS. He also has a number of honors, including being personally selected by Dr. Matt Leavitt for a formal hair transplant surgery fellowship in Orlando, Florida. He is also a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and has recognition from ISHRS for contributing to education.

Dr. Harris is seen as a leading expert in the field, frequently appearing on television to offer commentary and medical insight. He holds the unique honor of performing the longest hair transplant ever, 4500 follicles, on live television. He is also a former diplomat of the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) and a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

RESTORE’s Reputation

A clinic’s reputation and quality matter much as its lead doctor’s experience and expertise. Dr. Harris’s flagship clinic, RESTORE, has performed over 10,000 procedures over the past 15 years. Dr. Harris is personally involved in each patient’s procedure, which is important for two reasons:

  • Time: Just as with other skills, the more time a surgeon commits to Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedures the greater expertise they acquire. This can lead to shorter procedure times without sacrificing attention to detail.
  • Attention: The personal attention of a surgeon not only assures each patient is receiving individualized treatment, but patient trust in their doctor is key to overall satisfaction.

All specialists at RESTORE have rigorous training and standout resumes. Their cumulative knowledge, along with Dr. Harris’s direction, propels the operation’s success. When choosing a clinic, always make sure that not only the clinic’s presiding doctor is an expert, but that the clinic’s staff are well qualified and attentive.

Our Patient’s Satisfaction

RESTORE has a record of patients thrilled with their results, including a few famous faces. Brian Urlacher, former linebacker for the Chicago Bears, unveiled a new head of hair in January 2016. Other notable patients in the sports world include former NFL fullback Jason McKie, former NHL center Eddie Olczyk and the national anthem singer for the Chicago Blackhawks, Jim Cornelison. You can see more of our clients’ results here.

Personalized Treatments

Dr. Harris and RESTORE specialize in FUE. This procedure leaves little to no scarring, offers recovery in a few days’ time and leads to the most natural results available. While expert at this groundbreaking technique, RESTORE is a hair restoration clinic first and foremost. We always prioritize finding a treatment right for you.

Patient Care You Can Trust

Worthwhile clinics always prioritize their patient’s comfort and health. Your procedure’s quality is of prime importance, but so is the whole experience. At RESTORE, we aim for each visit to be pleasant, informative, and productive. As you’ll see, FUE causes minimal discomfort. Most of our patients use their tablets or smartphones or chat with the surgical team throughout their procedure. Count on our team to stay in touch after the procedure as well to aid in recovery and offer advice.

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& Save $1,000 on Your FUE Procedure.

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