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Why consider a hair transplant over non-surgical options like pills, creams, and shampoos?

Are non-surgical options as good as a hair transplant? 

Are you skeptic and wondering: "why is a hair transplant the best option?"

The bottom line is that non-surgical options like pills, creams, and shampoos can help slow down hair loss slightly, but 99% of the time they cannot reverse it. Think about it. If these cheap products worked, nobody would be bald, because these products are super affordable and anyone can buy them. Hint: they don't work so well. 

Meanwhile, a hair transplant tangibly reverses your hair loss, and restores hair into places where it doesn’t currently exist. Hair transplants remove the guess work and the messy creams and shampoos, and they deliver a stunning result.

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Which picture most closely resembles your hair loss?

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