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What should I avoid after a hair transplant?

What can't I do after a hair transplant?

If you're wondering "what can't I do after a hair transplant?" we have some reccomendations for you.

For the first few days after your surgery, we ask you to take it easy. Please don’t work out, don’t wash your hair, don’t touch or pick at the follicles, don’t expose your head to lots of direct sunshine, don’t wear hats or helmets, and so on. Basically, you want your newly transplanted follicles to exist in an extremely “mild” environment without any touching, irritation, or unnecessary agitation, to maximize their opportunity to take root and grow strongly.

However, you can resume other normal activities such as working, shopping, driving, etc. the next day.
After roughly 7 days, you can resume all of life’s normal activities without fear of damaging the newly transplanted follicles. However, for about one additional week after that, we still ask that you use common sense and don’t do anything totally egregious, like fiercely yanking or tugging on the new hair.

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