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What are possible side effects after a hair transplant?

Hair Transplant Side Effects

Some men who are slightly more cautious by nature will ask us: "what are the side effects of hair transplants?"

Possible side effects after a hair transplant include: (1) swelling of the forehead, which eventually disappears on its own after a few days. (2) temporary in-grown hairs, in both the donor area and and the recipient area. These can appear a few weeks after the surgery, but are not permanent and will eventually dissipate on their own; and (3) a condition known as “shock loss” which can also occur in some patients.

“Shock loss” is temporary hair loss of otherwise healthy hair in the donor and recipient regions. This can feel traumatic to patients for obvious reasons, but shock loss typically reverses itself and the hair returns after several months. This happens in approximately 15% of patients. However, using minoxidil for several weeks prior to your procedure can reduce the chance of it occurring by 50%.

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