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Do Women Like Bald Men

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Do Women Think Bald Men are Attractive?

For men who first begin balding, it's natural to wonder - do women like bald men?

Women like confidence. If you’re bald, and you feel confident about being bald, yes, women like it.

The issue with being bald is not usually the baldness itself. The issue with being bald is that, no matter how hard some bald men try, they simply cannot feel fully confident while bald or balding, and that is generally what causes the issues for them romantically.

There has been plenty of research that suggests women often ascribe some positive characteristics to bald men, giving them high scores for perceived masculinity and perceived dominance. However, the notions of “masculinity” and “dominance” are negated if you feel insecure all the time about how you look.

The moral of the story is this: Be bald, and be genuinely confident about being bald. If you don’t feel genuinely confident about being bald, then do something about it, and get back to a place of confidence and feeling good about yourself.

Do women like bald men? They like confident men. Find your confidence! If you want to do something about your balding, contact RESTORE. Hair transplants work. 

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