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Do I Have to Shave My Head Before a Hair Transplant?

Before a hair transplant do I have to shave my head? 

Men always ask us: "do I need shave my head before a hair transplant?". No - it's not necessary anymore, although historically, shaving your head was always the norm.

Beginning in the 2020s, “no shave” hair transplants became more and more popular, and Dr. Harris with RESTORE is one of the global leaders in performing no-shave hair transplants, while actively training other doctors on how to perform them.

Even now, very few doctors globally are capable of performing a "no shave" hair transplant, or they don't want to offer "no shave" because it requires more training, is more labor intensive, and therefore is more costly to perform than a standard FUE procedure. However, if you would like to avoid shaving your head for a transplant, contact RESTORE and we can help! 

Do I have to shave my head before a hair transplant?

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