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Eyebrow Transplants: What to Know

An eyebrow transplant is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that transplants hairs one-by-one from a person’s donor area (usually the back of their head) to the eyebrow, to address thinning or scarred eyebrows. It is virtually painless and can be completed in one day. It leaves no scarring in the donor area and is 100% natural and virtually undetectable, once complete.

At RESTORE, Dr. James Harris utilizes state-of-the-art follicular unit extraction (FUE) and transplantation techniques to naturally enhance the eyebrows using one’s own hair.

This type of eyebrow restoration creates a truly natural look—unlike tattooing or dying, which can result in a fake or “painted on” look. Part science and part artistry, an expertly performed FUE eyebrow transplant is virtually undetectable because transplanted hairs blend with the existing brow hair follicles, and mimic your natural color because the follicles are your own. A lush brow can frame the face, provide depth and enhance expression. Schedule a consultation to discuss your unique circumstances.

The art of the eyebrow transplant

Strong, sensual or delicate, healthy eyebrows can amplify emotion, and create a deeper, more nuanced expression. An eyebrow hair transplant is a highly artistic procedure that should only be conducted by an experienced transplant surgeon. A consultation is essential to discuss outcome desires and expectations. The transplant plan will be individually designed based on the following factors:

  • Your facial type
  • Your features
  • Arch shape
  • Thickness of existing brow hair
  • Thickness, color, texture and curl of harvest hair
  • Space between brows
  • Brow length
  • Your personal desires regarding the end results

Do eyebrow transplants look natural?

If your eyebrows are thin or nearly non-existent, the last thing you want is a transplant that looks fake, phony or just plain odd. We are extremely skilled in matching the natural look texture, color and orientation of your brows, hair and skin tone. The result will amplify and enhance your eyes and face, naturally. The end result is undetectable as a transplant, even to those closest to you.

RESTORE garners outstanding reviews from independent patients and is recommended by many other trusted institutions.

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