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Brian Urlacher: Teaches Men How to Live with Hair

Brian Urlacher Teaches Bald Men How to Live with Hair

Male pattern baldness is a common condition that affects millions of men worldwide. It is characterized by a receding hairline and thinning hair on the crown of the head, often leading to complete baldness. While some men embrace their baldness, others may feel self-conscious and seek ways to restore their hair. 

Brian Urlacher has been actively involved in the hair restoration community, sharing his own experience and providing support to others who are considering or undergoing hair restoration procedures. He has been a vocal advocate for destigmatizing hair loss and encouraging others to seek help if they are unhappy with their appearance.

One of the ways Brian Urlacher has helped new patients prepare to live with their restored hair is by sharing his own experience and offering practical advice. He understands the emotional and psychological impact of hair loss and restoration, and he has been a source of encouragement and support for others going through similar experiences.

Brian Urlacher has also been involved in raising awareness about hair restoration options and helping patients make informed decisions about their treatment. He has shared his own journey with hair restoration, including the decision-making process, the procedure itself, and the recovery period.

Brian Urlacher: Teaches Balding Men How to Live with Hair

After undergoing a successful hair restoration procedure at RESTORE Hair, Brian Urlacher opened up his home to teach balding men how to live with their restored hair. "After RESTORE gave me my hair there was a lot I had to learn about having hair. I love the opportunity to open up my home to these bald guys who are about to go to RESTORE.” Once the men have collected in Brian's living room, he passes out footballs with wigs to begin educating these men how to properly take care of their restored hair. “Gently run the comb through the hair, that beautiful nice luscious hair of yours."

The men loved their time with Brian, and his advice really resonated with these men. “"Brian has really helped us - I never knew there was so much to hair care. I'm so excited to have my hair restored!"

"I have received so much joy by just watching these guys visualize their lives with hair after they go to RESTORE. I realize I'm the hair authority in Chicago, hopefully after these guys get their hair back, they can go on and pass the torch to other bald guys." Brian goes on to say.


Brian Urlacher's decision to undergo a hair transplant with RESTORE has helped to destigmatize male pattern baldness and encourage other men to seek hair restoration solutions. By openly sharing his experience, he has shown that it is possible to restore a fuller head of hair and regain confidence without feeling ashamed.

Men seeking hair restoration can confidently place their trust in Dr. Harris, the medical director here at RESTORE, that patients are in the hands of compassionate and skilled professionals. With a focus on delivering exceptional and natural-looking results, Dr. Harris and the team at Restore Hair are dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their confidence and achieve transformative outcomes in their hair restoration journey.

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