Reverse Hair Loss - 10 Ways to Increase Growth

There is no lasting solution to reverse hair loss except through a hair restoration procedure. However, here are some things you can do to slow down and possibly reverse hair loss. If you're interested in restoring your hair, tell us more about your hair loss and receive a quick quote.

There are some things you can do to slow down and possibly reverse hair loss, while also increasing hair growth. Read on to find out about simple lifestyle practices that can be easily implemented into your everyday routine.

The important thing to note is that most of these techniques require long-term usage in order to yield desired results. Therefore, you will need to create, implement and maintain healthy habits and lifestyle choices to aid in decreasing any additional hair loss. 

Also, please remember that a hair transplant is always an option if all other avenues fail. If you’re interested in restoring your hair, tell us more about your hair loss type and journey and receive a free quick quote. Or if you already know you are looking to have a procedure done, give us a call to set up a free consultation.

Below are some actions you can take to reduce or slow down your hair loss. Please note that none of these techniques are guaranteed to help additional hair loss; however, maintaining consistency will increase potential for success!

#1: Scalp massage for hair growth

Introducing a scalp massage into your daily routine may increase hair thickness and subsequently makes hair follicles strong. Although hair rarely grows more than half an inch per month, the act of massaging the scalp makes a big difference in the sense that it encourages hair growth. According to a study done in 2016, daily scalp massages aided in increased hair thickness in healthy men.

This is a good habit to add into your daily life if you are experiencing hair loss because there are no negative side effects. The massage may even help to ease tension due to everyday stressors which is also important in terms of hair growth since stress can be a  factor that contributes to additional hair loss. It wouldn’t hurt to try adding a daily scalp massage into your routine!

#2: Eat a well balanced diet 

Hair, as part of the body, grows in response to good health. When your body is not being fed proper nutrition, it will not function as well as it should and could lead to things like slower hair growth or even hair loss. 

Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can impair normal hair growth. Vitamin B complex rich foods are encouraged in people who desire to grow healthy and long hair. Some examples of food that are high in Vitamin B include milk, eggs, cheese, meat, fish, dark green vegetables (spinach or kale), beans, and nuts.

Overall, introducing a well balanced diet into your life, inclusive of “whole” foods, will not only be beneficial to a potential increase in hair growth, but also your overall health, which is very important too. We strongly recommend considering diet as a potential trigger to hair loss or growth. Try something new – you never know what could happen and the results you may see!

#3: Apply castor oil on hair

The use of castor oil on hair brings positive results mainly because castor oil is rich in vitamin E as well as essential fatty acids that are needed by the body for general growth. Thes vitamins aid in growing hair long and strong. A good idea could be to implement castor oil into your daily scalp massages to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will the scalp massage stimulate hair follicle growth, the castor oil will simultaneously work to nourish your hair and hopefully stimulate hair growth.

#4: Use herbal supplements

Individuals using complementary supplements like rosemary, nettle, or burdock can grow their hair very long. Herbal formulations infused into the scalp region stimulate the hair follicles to grow through many means including improved blood circulation. 

We strongly recommend doing your own research and consulting your doctor to see which herbal supplements and methods may be right for you. Nowadays, there are so many different herbal supplements widely available that it can be difficult to find the correct ones tailored for you and your specific set of needs. 

Please take caution when combining herbal supplements with any other medications that you may be taking regularly. Some herbal supplements may have negative drug interactions, but finding the best ones for you specifically could be helpful in slowing hair loss or even increasing hair growth.

#5: Gentle hair brushing for hair growth

Brushing your hair may seem like an obvious habit to some, but ,believe it or not, many men fail to implement this simple hygienic practice into their everyday lives. Brushing your growing hair encourages improved circulation in the scalp and hence improves efficient delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products. This is important for hair growth to take place. 

Refraining from brushing your hair may actually hurt your scalp’s ability to grow additional hair or slow down the hair growth process. Natural hair oils are best distributed across the hair shafts through brushing. Through brushing, knots and tangles are released to allow the hair to grow to their maximum potential.

Something as simple as incorporating hair brushing may help you to stimulate increased hair growth. This is a habit that is accessible to almost everyone so we recommend starting here if you feel overwhelmed or feel that you don’t have access to some of these other techniques. Don’t knock it until you try it!

#6: Skip shampooing unless absolutely necessary

Although shampoo is meant to wash off the grime that builds up on our hair, it can do more harm by removing natural oils from the hair. There is a common misconception that men should practice washing their hair every single day; however, this should not be the case. 

Washing your hair too often actually strips your hair of its natural oils, which could be contributing to your hair loss. When shampoo is needed, gentle washing should be exercised to ensure that only the intended purpose, to clean your scalp, is achieved.

Though this may seem impractical to those who exercise regularly or are conscientious about body odor, remember that you can still bathe while refraining from shampooing. Try to go a week without washing your hair everyday. You can start at washing it every other day and then work your way up to more and more days without it. After all, washing your hair more often is what can cause that greasy hair look. Try without and see what happens!

#7: Rinse hair with cold water

If you have long hair, try rinsing it in cold instead of warm water. The cold water is instrumental in preventing hair moisture loss and heat damage. Rinsing hair with cold water needs to be practiced consistently to make a difference.

This practice can also be done on the days where you are and are not shampooing your scalp.If you prefer warm showers or baths, try switching the water to cold at the end of your routine. A cold rinse can also aid in sealing the ends of your hair, keeping it long and strong, which is important for additional growth.

#8: Use silk a pillowcase

A smooth silk surface reduces the friction that causes wear and tears at night when you are asleep. Materials, like cotton for example, may actually not be the most beneficial to your hair. They may be pulling at your hair while you sleep without you even realizing.

The rough texture on your hair may cause damage or breakage resulting in a shorter or thinner appearance of hair. Protecting hair from friction and damage leads to better hair growth. Try opting for a silk pillowcase if you can and see if you notice less hair falling out.

#9: Give your hair a break

The hair needs time to grow, and therefore, refrain from constant washing and styling. Hair washing should be reduced to the minimum, and if possible, the use of heat protectants is advisable when using heat products, like blow dryers or flat irons, on your hair. 

#10: Get a Hair Restoration Procedure

You knew we couldn't leave this one out! Hair restoration procedures are the only certain way to regrow hair. Technology has advanced immensely in recent decades, and hair transplants have since become remarkably common. Ready to talk about one? Contact us! 


Hair thinning and loss can be extremely frustrating. Remember to be patient with the process and to not overdo it with any of the above techniques and practices. If all else fails, RESTORE is here for you when you feel you’re ready to have a hair transplant procedure.

We also realize that everyone may be in a different stage of hair loss. If you are experiencing early signs of balding, check out this blog, written by world renowned hair transplant surgeon, Dr. James Harris that may provide additional insight to you.

If a hair transplant procedure seems too costly for you, we recommend attending a free consultation to discuss potential financing options or non-surgical options that we offer. We have a wide array of topical medications that can help to slow or stop hair loss. As always, please remember that the only lasting solution to hair loss is a hair restoration procedure. We wish you luck on your hair loss journey!

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