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When you come to RESTORE, here’s what you’ll get: proven results, increased confidence and a hairline that you haven’t seen in years.

And here’s what you won’t get: a procedure with a scalpel, stitches, linear scarring or intense discomfort. After your free consultation, you’ll leave with a customized hair restoration plan that’s designed specifically for you. That’s the RESTORE difference.

From celebrities and athletes, to businessmen and everyman, Dr. Katona and the team at RESTORE have performed thousands of hair restoration procedures – but you won’t recognize our work. And that’s a good thing. That’s because the results are soft, natural and undetectable.



Revolutionizing Hair Restoration

results-circlesAt RESTORE, our methods stand out from the competition because we utilize the RESTORE F.U.E Method developed by Dr. Arthur Katona, M.D., the company’s founder and a leader in the field of hair restoration.

This one-day procedure is safe, easy, and completely natural. You’ll spend the afternoon comfortably watching movies or working on your iPad while healthy follicles are gently removed one by one – and re-planted to your balding areas.

About the RESTORE Team

Dr. Arthur Katona, M.D. is a leader and innovator in the field of hair restoration. A double board-certified physician, he has become one of the most well-known and respected doctors in the emerging industry of hair restoration and has perfected the RESTORE F.U.E. method.

Each one of our highly specialized staff have been hand selected by Dr. Katona. For both their impeccable clinical and interpersonal skills.

More about the Doctors

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