We know it is not very often that hair restoration ever makes it into the day’s headlines. And it’s mostly because so many thousands of people go through a process every year and there are really no newsworthy items about it – even a “breakthrough” innovation in the hair loss treatment space often gets ignored because there is always something more “critical” to cover.

So when a hair-restoration company like ours gets any press whatsoever, it is a significant achievement. When one singular event produces 18 major media mentions, including several national media outlets, that is Hollywood Walk of Fame-level stuff.

And it took a “Brush with Fame” moment for us, but we’ll take it.

Our biggest celebrity so far is retired All-Pro linebacker Brian Urlacher. He created a buzz because he was a well-known professional athlete, and he was known throughout his career as a bald-headed guy. After playing more than 10 years in the National Football League and having no hair on his head for 15 years, it came as quite a surprise when Brian revealed his new head of hair earlier this year, thanks to Restore.

The more interviews Brian conducted on behalf of the Restore F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) system, the more press he and we got. And this wasn’t just local Chicago media either, though we certainly appreciated the coverage by WGN, NBC Chicago and Fox 32 Chicago for starters. But the story of Brian with hair reached far beyond Chicagoland. There were stories by ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, GQ and Esquire magazines, The Los Angeles Times, the New York PostSports Illustrated and The Washington Post.

Yes, it is tough that the coverage was mainly because of who got hair restoration, and not the hair-restoration process itself, but sometimes a process like this just needs a messenger more than it needs a message.

There are all kinds of great messages out there, in whatever field of endeavor. Some of them, admittedly, are not compelling on their own to make it into a news cycle. These kinds of messages will not be heard, read or understood unless there is an effective messenger available to deliver that message. And we are proud that Brian Urlacher agreed to be our messenger for our Restore F.U.E. hair-restoration system, and the run of media placements that we gathered from Brian’s message delivery has been more than we could have dreamed.

For that reason, we are grateful for Brian and his advocacy, and we have been working to follow up on that coverage by helping people understand the message that Brian was delivering, and present it in a way that compels more attention and more consultations and more potential clients.

We are happy that Brian Urlacher has been the face – er, scalp – of our business, and we are working hard to deliver on the quality that Brian has expressed to the media that has generated so much coverage. With an All-Pro messenger, we need an All-Pro message, and we think we have it. Come see our message and learn how it can help your life, just as it did Brian’s.

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