The results were incredible.
I argued with myself for years as to whether to spend the money for a FUE procedure. Would it be worth it? would the results look natural?? After many hour researching the procedure online, Restore consistently kept popping up as one of the best clinics in the US. As an added bonus, they are only two miles from my house so I made an appointment for a consult with Dr. Lovitt. My goals were simply to minimize the bare areas on the top of my head (hoping to obviate the need to constantly wear a cap or hat in cold weather) and restore a bit of hairline. I simply wanted to look like I was losing my hair, not already bald! I had approximately 2400 grafts over two days. The procedure was relatively painless and everyone I dealt with at the clinic was wonderful. After the healing, shedding and regeneration process (approximately 14-16 weeks for me) I started noticing the new hairs growing in. The results were incredible. The improved hairline looks natural and the orientation of the implants was done perfectly so as to allow the hairs to grow in the consistent direction of the few remaining hairs I possessed. Now, two years after the procedure, I am so pleased with the results that I am seriously considering a follow-up procedure to add a touch more coverage and fullness. I will not hesitate to have this done by Dr. Lovitt as well.

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