I would recommend Dr Harris and his practice wholeheartedly.
Dr Harris and his entire team met and exceeded my expectations in professionalism, service, empathy, and surgical excellence. I am an eye surgeon and I believe I have a unique insight into choosing an excellent surgeon for hair restoration. I researched the top doctors and those who had actually written peer reviewed literature on hair restoration. Having been involved in 38 clinical trials myself over the past 17 years as an eye surgeon, I know that publication of articles reflects that the surgeon is on the cutting edge of their field. Also, Dr Harris concentrates exclusively on hair restoration surgery. The general public may not know this, but in order to do hair restoration surgery, all you need is a medical license. No special training is required. Dr Harris completed a residency in otolaryngology (Ear, nose, and throat surgery) which includes extensive training in facial and scalp plastic surgery. I know that otolaryngology residencies are among the most competitive in medicine. You have to be really smart to get in. He went on to do specific training in hair restoration surgery. He led the way in development of the SAFE system, FUE, and the ARTAS robot. Additionally, he actually does most of the procedure himself. I interviewed other doctors and most only create the implant sites. And as a bonus, he actually has had hair restoration surgery himself. That way, I know he believes in what he is doing. After researching Dr Harris, I flew out from Florida to meet with him. I felt he was an excellent listener and had great bedside manner. I was very impressed with his practice. I went on to book my surgery, and flew back out to have it done with him. He and his entire staff are excellent and it was well worth the trip. So far, it looks great and I am amazed at how accurate his “what to expect” list was. I would recommend Dr Harris and his practice wholeheartedly. Adrian Lavina, M.D.

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