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Regain the look of a full head of hair without surgery or medication, with SMP from RESTORE.

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What is SMP?

"SMP" stands for Scalp Micropigmentation. Using a specially formulated pigmentation (ink), impressions are created throughout the head. The pigment compliments the color of your existing hair, which creates the look of a thick, full head of hair. It's the safe, non-surgical way to get back to your competitive edge.

Safe & Effective

Our highly skilled RESTORE SMP technicians have performed thousands of SMP treatments and are foremost experts in this emerging field. The treatments are performed in our world class medical facility, and are overseen by our double board certified doctors.

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& Save $1,000 on your F.U.E. Procedure

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& Save $1,000 on your F.U.E. Procedure

Exact cost depends on your level of hair loss. Tell us about your hair loss to get a quick quote. A full head of hair pays off for a lifetime.

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