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Image is everything for this real estate broker

Tony G. Chicago, IL Real Estate Agent

Age 35 – 1,435 Follicular Units

Tony is a high-end real estate broker, listing and selling multi-million dollar houses in the Chicagoland area. “I deal with elite clients – and the decision to buy a home is one of the biggest ones you can make. So, in order for me to get hired, it’s important that I feel confident and am at my best.”

Not only did Tony’s hairline start receding, his confidence started to recede as well. He knew it was time for a change. He carefully researched hair restoration options and just like his clients, only the best would do. “It was important that I went with the leader in hair restoration. Once I met with RESTORE, I knew it was the right choice. I was blown away with the results on guys who had much worse hair loss than me.”

Tony was amazed that the FUE procedure was so simple. He described the process as moving individual hair follicles from the back of the head and putting them in the front. The results are natural and completely undetectable. “It’s your hair so you’ll never have to worry about it looking fake,” Tony said. “Even my hair stylist doesn’t know I had it done. He just says my hair looks thicker.” These days, Tony is busier than ever. His business has grown three-fold over the past several years, and he attributes this success to his restored confidence – and restored hairline.

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As any good real estate broker would tell you, image is everything.

- Tony G.

How did you feel before your hair restoration procedure?

Losing my hair made me feel older than I really was. My hairline was going further back – and I wanted to find a way to make my hair fuller and not have to do a comb over. The hair loss really started to affect my confidence.

Why did you choose RESTORE?

While it’s hard with a busy schedule, I try to find time to take care of myself, because in my line of work, it’s important that I look and feel my best. That’s why I did extensive research to make sure I found the best in the business. Once I met with RESTORE, I knew it was the right decision. I was impressed with RESTORE’s professionalism and most of all, their results.

Now that you’ve had the RESTORE F.U.E. Method, tell me how you feel.

It might sound crazy, but the additional hair on my head gives me that extra vote of confidence.

What’s your advice for other guys out there experiencing hair loss?

For all those bald guys out there, you owe it to yourself. Do some research and give RESTORE a call. Just go in for a consultation. Stop thinking, move forward and actually do it!

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