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This tech guy solved his hair loss.

Martin L. Willowbrook, IL IT Consultant

Age 59 – 1,640 Follicular Units

Martin is living proof that it’s never too late to change how you look – and feel inside. It wasn’t until Martin was in his 40’s that his hairline started to recede. But once it did, it happened fast.

“It quickly transitioned from my hair receding to going bald,” Martin explained.

Trying to be proactive, Martin attempted to restore his hair by going to “one of the big name guys”, as he explained. The treatment wasn’t successful and a year later, he was only facing additional hair loss. However, Martin wasn’t going to accept that hair loss was irreversible.

Martin put his persistence to work. In his career as an IT consultant, he knows that sometimes the right answer takes a while to find. And whether he’s facing a troublesome network or his hairline, Martin wasn’t going to stop until he found success – which he found by reaching out to RESTORE.

The RESTORE F.U.E. Method was able to restore his hairline in the mid frontal regions. The procedure itself was a breeze, according to Martin. He found the procedure relaxing and before he knew it, he was ready to go home and enjoy his new hair.

“I started seeing results in a month and it kept getting better from there,” he said.

Now, Martin sports a full head of hair. “I even comb it and put mousse in it! It’s a world of difference.” He also found something more intangible – the confidence that comes from being proud of how you look.

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RESTORE reconstructed my hairline where was there was no longer any hair. It was true artistry.

- Martin L.

Why did you want to restore your hairline?

In my profession, I frequently have to get up in front of people and give presentations. I couldn’t shake the feeling that people weren’t looking at me, but at my receding hairline. I didn’t want to lose my confidence along with my hair, so I finally found RESTORE.

What do you tell other guys who are losing their hair?

I tell everyone ‘The results can be yours, too!’ The RESTORE F.U.E. Method is cost effective, pain-free and most importantly, produces results. Don’t wait. The longer you wait, the longer you’re losing it. If you’re thinking about it, just do it!

We now know you look great on the outside. But tell us how you feel on the inside.

Going through this hair restoration has been a huge boost to how I feel about myself and how I project myself to others. It’s given me back my sense of self!

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