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Kurt W. St. Charles, IL Professional Sales

Age 48 – 1,500 Follicular Units

Kurt has always been an active guy. When he’s not outside on his boat in the summer, or skiing in the winter, he’s on stage with his band. He’s used to the freedom of going full speed ahead through life with the wind in his hair – and for years, that’s exactly how he lived.

Then, he started to lose his hair in his mid-30’s. He tried putting topical treatments on his thinning spot on the top of his head, without success. Not one to settle for second best, he found RESTORE.

Kurt’s decision to go ahead with the procedure started a chain reaction of positive events in his life. He got a new job and got promoted at that job he loves!

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I can literally pinpoint all of that success back to the decision to do something about my hair loss. And, this is all thanks to RESTORE.

- Kurt W.

You’re an active guy who practically lives on the water. What does hair restoration mean to you?

RESTORE has given me the freedom to live the life I want. There is nothing I love better than being out on my boat with my wife, going full speed, and letting the wind whip through my hair. A lot of people fear going out into the elements but I embrace it.

What was the procedure like? Was it uncomfortable?

The procedure was really pleasant. I read, listened to music and watched a movie. It was just like sitting around at my house but I was improving myself greatly. I remember thinking at the end, “Wow, we’re done!” I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.

You didn’t tell a lot of people you were going to have the procedure, but now that it’s done, you’re telling the world. Why is that?

As I see it, if your hearing starts to go, you get hearing aids. If your eyes go, you get contacts or glasses. Why should hair loss be any different? You don’t have to do this in secret. Really, I couldn’t be happier and I want to let everyone know that they have the same opportunity that I had.