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Confidence spells success

Jordan S. Palatine, IL RESTORE President

Age 37 – 1,550 Follicular Units

Let’s face it, how we look really does say something about who we are. A healthy, youthful appearance wins every time – at work, at home, with women, even with other men. In fact, studies have shown that men with hair have more success in their careers, especially in sales and management environments.

Jordan is a highly successful businessman, with numerous startups and a venture capital firm under his belt. While he has the magic touch for business, he wasn’t able to work miracles on his hair. Ever the pragmatist, he wanted to restore his hair, but first, he did the same due diligence on hair restoration methods that he would do on acquiring a new business.

“You see ads for pills and creams, but in the end, I knew that wasn’t going to do anything,” Jordan explained. “I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice,” that choice was RESTORE. Jordan found the entire process easy and surprisingly enjoyable. “It was as normal and natural as going in for a haircut. I went back to work the next day. I had no downtime whatsoever,” he said.

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It was as normal and natural as going in for a haircut. I went back to work the next day. I had no downtime whatsoever.

- Jordan S.

How did you feel about yourself before your hair restoration?

My hair started to thin, and overnight, I went from looking like I was 25 to looking like I was 40. It got to the point that I was so unsatisfied that I just couldn’t handle looking at myself in the mirror.

What do you think when you see other balding men?

Whenever I see a balding guy on the street, I want to tell them that there’s a new, proven way to restore your hair. You don’t have to be bald! Imagine a life where you never have to think about hair loss again.

Why did you choose RESTORE?

Like with everything in my life, I did extensive research on the best hair restoration around. This led me to RESTORE, which was the best decision I ever made, aside from marrying my wife!

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