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John K. Willowbrook, IL Real Estate Agent

Age 38 – 2,300 Follicular Units

As a real estate agent, John fully knows the importance of first impressions. And, he also knows how important confidence is in making the sale, whether it’s for work or for something more fun, like a date.

John has worried about his hair loss for more than a dozen years. He spent years – and a fortune – on pharmaceuticals to try to stop hair loss. While the drugs likely did slow the progression, they didn’t regrow his hair and to stay effective, they needed to be taken forever. Worst of all, John was troubled about the side effects the drugs would have on his body. After thorough research about different types of hair restoration, he met with RESTORE. He was impressed with the ground-breaking RESTORE F.U.E. procedure, along with the recommendation he received during the consultation.

Six months after the procedure, John is thrilled with the results: “Unlike trying to stop hair loss with pills or other techniques, my hair will last forever.”

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I finally have my hair – and my confidence back. And, I know my hair looks better than most guys my age. Balding, thinning hair does more than contradict your age – it strips you of the life you want and the lifestyle you deserve.

- John K.

What made you choose hair restoration?

I was doing great in almost all aspects of my life. There was only one thing hurting me and that was my hair. Hair loss was really affecting the way I felt about myself. For example, when I was out and someone was behind me, I was always afraid that they were thinking I was bald.

As a real estate agent, you’re used to getting numerous bids from contractors and home buyers. How about your own personal process of selecting RESTORE? How many estimates or consultations did you get before you chose RESTORE?

I normally get three bids for everything I do. However, I carefully researched hair restoration and all roads pointed to RESTORE. I went in for a consultation and I was sold– and the rest is history.

Were you worried about the procedure? Did it hurt?

The procedure was easy and not painful. The environment was really relaxed and all the nurses kept joking with me. I actually spent the entire time on my phone playing and answering work emails – which wasn’t much different than what I’d be doing at home. It was just a few hours in a chair moving good hair follicles to different areas where they weren’t growing as well.

Tell me about the results.

My confidence has improved 100%, which translates into even more success at work and in my personal life. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that although I’m 38, most people I meet now think I’m a good 10 years younger.

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