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Jason McKie Chicago, IL Pro Football Player (Ret.)

Age 35 – 2,200 Follicular Units

It’s no secret that longtime Chicago's fullback Jason McKie has game. Two years before retiring from professional football, Jason noticed his hair rapidly thinning and balding. He’d take off his helmet and notice patches of hair. It was a constant distraction. Jason did what so many men do – he shaved his head. Until RESTORE, Jason didn’t think he had an option.

However, Jason is a guy who goes after what he wants – and that included a full head of hair. Once he had time to focus on his hair, he sought out RESTORE based on its reputation. He found that they lived up to his expectations, which is important to someone like Jason who knows a thing or two about expectations and reputations. He found the procedure so easy, he spent the entire time on phone with his wife, his buddies, and conducting business. And now, he’s thrilled with the results. “It’s your own hair,” he said. “You can cut it, you can pull it. It doesn’t matter because it’ll grow back.”

And today, he’s sending everyone – from his former, joke-cracking teammates to his fans – to RESTORE with the message “tell them that Jason McKie sent you!” So for all you guys who wished you had hair like me, give RESTORE a call and tell them that Jason McKie sent you!

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The entire RESTORE experience was top notch. From the consultation to the procedure to the results, I knew I was working with the best in the industry.

- Jason McKie

Jason, it seems like you’re even busier now that you’ve retired from football. How did hair restoration end up getting onto your agenda?

It was always something that bugged me, but when you play professional football, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Once I retired and learned about my options, I knew it was something I wanted to do. I just never knew how easy it would be.

What, if anything, have your former teammates said about you since you’ve regrown your hair?

Those guys were always cracking jokes and messing around about my balding. So, you can be sure I take every opportunity to show it off, now that I have more hair than any of them. They’re pretty much speechless, which is exactly the way I like it.

So what does your wife think?

I think she’s probably happy I waited. When you’re playing football you get a lot of attention. Imagine if I had hair? Nah, I’m kidding. I don’t know if she ever got used to me with no hair, but she’s loving me with hair. I look like the handsome guy she married.

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