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Patrolling the streets & life with confidence

Rick B. Chicago, IL Police Officer

Age 43 – 3,000 Follicular Units

Confidence plays an important role in the work of a police officer. Hair loss was eating away at Rick’s self-esteem. The pictures didn’t lie – it was time to do something about it.

With the full support of his wife, who just wanted him to be happy and feel better about himself, Rick went to RESTORE. During the procedure, Rick was amazed that it was virtually painless and described the recovery time as “next to nothing.” He was back to his regular activities the next day with nothing more than some Tylenol.

The results not only changed his appearance. It changed his life and the way he feels about himself. He used to look at his young son’s full head of hair and long for the hair of his youth. Now, he sees himself reflected in his son’s eyes – and hair.

Today, Rck happily describes and recommends the procedure to anyone who asks, from the guys on the force to his uncle. However, he said that no one is more surprised at the results than his barber.

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My barber is still in shock. He still talks about it, even though I go for haircuts every two weeks. I think he loves the results even more than I do!

- Rick B.

Rick, you talk a lot about confidence. You’re a police officer, you wear a badge, and you carry a gun. It’s hard to imagine you’re not confident?

See that’s the thing, confidence is one of the key factors in being a police officer. I've been an officer for 20 years and when I started losing my hair – it affected me. I would see pictures of myself, or look in the mirror and the more I did, the less I recognized myself. I just didn't like that guy. I had an option…be the guy I saw in those pictures or do something to be me again.

And having hair was the difference?

Unless you’re going through it – you can’t know what it’s like. Hair loss makes you look older, and yeah, less attractive. But there’s something about losing your hair that constantly gnaws at you.

I have to ask – what’s been the reaction to your new look?

The best reaction I got was from someone I hadn’t seen in ten years. He didn’t notice my hair at all – but he did think I lost weight. Yeah, I’m glad I waited, but really – I wish the technology had come along sooner.

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