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His hairline is back in the game!

Eddie Olczyk Chicago, IL Hall of Fame Hockey Player

Age 48 – 3,500 Follicular Units

Eddie Olczyk is a Chicago hockey legend. While today he’s best known as an announcer for the NHL and Chicago hockey games, Eddie spent 16 years in the NHL, beginning and finishing his career in Chicago . His list of accolades are significant, including winning a Stanley Cup championship and being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. He accomplished all this by putting his mind to it. “I’ve always been a leader not a follower. I’ve chosen to live my life a certain way and I had goals,” Eddie said.

He noticed his hair was thinning – and the hockey players he works with were all-to-happy to point that out to him. “Teammates on the bus were saying things like, ‘You’re getting thin, huh?’ That’s when I knew it was time to take action.” Eddie is conscious about his image, since he’s an on-TV announcer for about 120 games a season. “You have to look presentable on camera and you have different camera angles to think about. All of sudden, things were standing out, like the balding spot on the crown of my head.”

Before choosing RESTORE, Eddie had done considerable homework. He first learned about the RESTORE F.U.E. Method from a friend, who had the procedure done. After Eddie went in for a consultation, he knew it was right for him. As a public figure, he wants to help others who finally want to take the step to restoring their hair.

“At the end of the day, you only live once. I’ve always lived my life making things happen. And now, I want to help others do the same.”

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The RESTORE F.U.E. Method is so simple. They take hair where you have it, and put it where you don’t. It doesn’t involve stitches or cutting. I had enough of that when I played hockey!

- Eddie Olczyk

Why is hair restoration so important to you?

Hair loss is a serious issue and I want to bring it – and the topic of hair restoration – to the forefront. As you know, I’m in the public eye. When I’m walking around at places like the rink or the store, people recognize me. Since I’ve been through this myself, I want to educate people and make it easier for them to know what to do about hair loss. My hope is that because people have seen me go through the process, it’ll make it easier for them to pick up the phone and call RESTORE.

What were you hoping to accomplish when you first contacted RESTORE by Katona?

I wanted to have a full head of hair, like I did 20 years ago. The fact that the RESTORE F.U.E. Method can make me look like I once did is simply amazing.

What’s your philosophy about life – and hair restoration?

You only live once! If you can do something, go do it!

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