Robert L.

Robert L.

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Robert L.

Robert L.

Professional Sales

Robert is a highly successful salesperson who has been a star at his company for the past 27 years. He knows that in the business world, image is key to a person’s success. He also knows that when he feels great about himself, his killer confidence turns into closing killer deals.
Over the years, Robert watched his hairline start to recede. He was worried his looks and livelihood were on the line.
“I’d get out of the shower and see that my hair was thinning in the front. I knew I needed to be proactive in doing something about my hair,” he explained.
Robert did extensive research about hair restoration options and realized that the best solution was the RESTORE F.U.E. Method. As compared to the older, strip

method of hair transplantation, he knew the F.U.E. procedure would be a lot easier, less invasive, and much more comfortable.
“These were all green lights for me,” he said.
During the procedure, Robert just relaxed. While he could have done work, he decided to treat himself and take the day off. Instead of checking emails, he watched movies, joked with the doctor and nurses and just took it easy.
Today, he sports a full head of hair and a full sense of confidence.
“It was an investment in myself which pays me back every day,” Robert said.


What’s been the reaction to the results?

To be honest, the results are so discrete and natural that people can’t quite put their finger on what’s changed. Not long ago, a friend from high school approached me and said she felt like something was different about me. She couldn’t figure it out but wanted to tell me that I looked great! I didn’t fess up. I just said, “thanks!”

What is your advice to other guys who are losing their hair?

I think there’s a lack of awareness among balding people about the F.U.E. procedure. I’d like to spread the word that you don’t have to settle for hair loss. And, I’d encourage people to look at the before and afters to see what’s possible.

How do you feel now that you’ve had the procedure done?

Confidence is part of my success. I feel better about myself with a full head of hair and I’m living proof the procedure should be done!

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