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Bryan Bickell

Pro Hockey Player (Retired)

Professional hockey player Bryan Bickell knows a thing or two about success. About 4 or 5 years ago, he noticed he was starting to lose his hair. Tired of razzing by his teammates and encouraged by his wife, Bryan looked into RESTORE.“My teammates were more than happy to tell me that my hair was getting thin, and my wife was on my case. She told me that I’m a good-looking guy and that I could amp up my game if I did something about my hair,”

Bryan said.Bryan learned about RESTORE from a buddy who’d had the procedure and looked terrific. He scheduled an appointment for himself and the rest is history.He found the initial consultation – and the entire process – fascinating. “During the procedure, they took the camera and showed me on the computer screen what

my hair follicles looked like. There’s an art and science to it. The RESTORE team definitely knows what they’re doing.”

For Bryan, one the best parts of the RESTORE F.U.E. method is that it didn’t involve stitches, scalpels or scarring. “Being a hockey player, I’ve had lots of cuts and stitches. I didn’t want any more!” He was also pleased that the procedure was over within a day.

These days, Bryan looks and feels like he’s 21 again. “It’s awesome what this procedure has done for me. It’s given me more confidence in the way I look. I definitely feel better now when going in front of the cameras.”


What do you do when you’re not on the ice?

My wife and I started a foundation for abused pit bull dogs, called the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation and we paired up with an organization for abused kids. I put a lot of time into it in the off season.

Tell me about a benefit of having hair.

Now, I feel like I’m 21 again, back when I had hair. I feel comfortable not wearing a hat. And best of all, in the summer, I no longer have a red face and white forehead after being out in the sun!

Did the team at RESTORE deliver on their promise?

They were great, no doubt. I got way more than I expected. I didn’t think my hair would be this thick. It’s unreal! I couldn’t believe that I was seeing hair where it wasn’t before.

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