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29-month program*

  7 in-clinic hair growth treatments
  Laser therapy
  Clinical-strength topical and oral medications
  Anti-inflammatory shampoo
  Office visits and monitoring by a specialized 
    RESTORE physician

Look and feel your best in 2020.
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Maximize growth of transplanted hair and prevent loss of non-transplanted hair with the RESTORE EVERHAIR treatment plan. The breakthrough combination therapy includes:


per month

*Program includes all medications, shampoos, office visits, and physician monitoring, 7 in-clinic hair-growth treatments (4 in year one, 2 in year two and 1 in year 3) and the use of a laser cap for the duration of the program. Total price of program is $4,611 ($159 x 29 monthly payments). Customer may cancel the program at any time during the 30-day free trial period and not incur any expense by notifying RESTORE either by phone at (630) 823-4002 during regular business hours or by emailing RESTORE at

Get the best possible results from your hair restoration procedure.