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Coach Deion Sanders: Top 10 Essential Ways to Live a Happy Life

Coach Deion Sanders: Top 10 Essential Ways to Live a Happy Life

Deion Sanders is known to the world as one of the greatest athletes of all time. In fact, Deion is the only professional athlete in history to play in a Super Bowl and World Series. He’s also the only man to score an NFL touchdown and hit an MLB home run in the same week. It’s safe to say that in his incredibly impressive career, Deion has scored a lot of touchdowns and homeruns.

Although Deion is one of the most athletic men to date, he’s also your everyday man. RESTORE got to sit down with Deion to discuss his top 10 essential ways to live a happy life.

Coach Deion Sanders: Top 10 Essential Ways to Live a Happy Life
Coach Deion Sanders: Top 10 Essential Ways to Live a Happy Life

Deion Sanders: How to Live a Happy Life in 10 Ways

1. Peace

Peace is very important for one to live harmoniously with themselves and others. For Deion, peace is core to how he lives a happy life. “Got to have my peace. I can't have confusion, or doubt.” Deion goes on to say lack of peace in his life “affects me then ultimately, infects me, and I can't have that.”

2. Quiet Time

As morning is the best time for us to think, dedicating morning hours to having quiet time and prayer can be a powerful way for us to prepare for the day. For Deion, quiet time in the morning is key to setting his day off on the right track. “In the morning I need quietness, I need no noise -unless its music that calms me and keeps me at peace.”

3. Options

Working hard is only the first part of having success - one also needs to make good choices. Having options in life is a critical part of our self-development, and making choices shapes our experiences as people. As Deion says, ‘We all need and want options.”  Having options is a key ingredient for Deion to feel successful on a daily basis.

4. Shoes & Clothes

Having shoes and clothes is not only essential for us as mankind, but shoes and clothes also represent our own identity to the world, and our unique style. “Shoes, shoes, shoes - clothes, clothes - they are essential.” says Deion.

5. Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. It’s always fun to share a good laugh, and laughter is really good for our health. Laughter draws people together, connects us, and lightens our burdens. As Deion says, “Got to laugh, got to have a good time, got to have some comedy to get me through the day.”

6. Good Food

Similar to laughter, good food also serves as good medicine. “I like good food, it’s a necessity.” says Deion. Some of us aren’t afraid to travel outside of our comfort zone in search of the best food we can find. “It’s strange that we will go out of our way on a journey just to obtain some good food, that's why it's number 6 for me.” Deion states.

7. Water & Sweet Iced Tea

Although we all need a healthy amount of water on a daily basis, for this Florida boy, sweet tea is tied to the importance of having water on a daily basis. Deion goes on to say that for him he needs “water with sweet iced tea.”

8. Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in our country. There are so many benefits to fishing, especially for our mental health. As Deion says, “I got to fish - there is something about the calmness and the serenity of the water and being on the lake.”

9. Good Hair

Amidst all of Deion’s success, he too, was struggling with male pattern baldness. For Deion, his first signs of hair thinning started when he was in his late 20s. “My hair started thinning out when I was in my late 20s. When I was 33 or 34 I just shaved my head bald.” Although he had tried different hair loss solutions throughout the years, he struggled to find the best way to get his Deion Sanders hair back - until he found RESTORE.

Since his FUE procedure with RESTORE, Deion hasn’t been shy about talking about his new hairline and encouraging other men who are balding to look at their options. “No one chooses to be bald,” Deion said. “Why wouldn’t a man want to present his best self? Why would you shy away from an opportunity just because it’s not ordinary?”

“A good head of hair is essential.” says Deion. Deion needed a home run to have a good head of hair again, and RESTORE hair had the solution. “RESTORE has changed my life. RESTORE has brought my swagger back. Thank you, RESTORE. Prime time is back.”

10. Challenge

New challenges can be scary. They are meant to push us outside of our comfort zones. However, the benefit of taking on new challenges is that by taking on new goals, it will lead you to new opportunities. For Deion, he says that he “has to have a challenge to keep going, a challenge to motivate, and a challenge to go get it.”

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