Coach Deion Sanders: RESTORE Story

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Deion Sanders, widely known as "Prime Time," is a former professional American football and baseball player, as well as a successful sports analyst and coach. Throughout his illustrious career, Sanders garnered attention not only for his exceptional athletic prowess but also for his distinctive sense of style, which included his ever-changing hairstyles. However, as time progressed, so did a noticeable change in Sanders' appearance, specifically in regards to his hairline. Although Deion has had an exceptional athletic career, Deion is also a man who for years, was struggling with hair loss. 

As Sanders entered his thirties, subtle signs of hair thinning began to emerge. While it is not uncommon for men to experience some degree of hair loss as they age, Sanders' public persona and the scrutiny that came with it brought additional attention to this natural process. In response to the changing landscape of his hair, Sanders took a pragmatic approach. Rather than attempting to conceal or deny the reality of his hair loss, he chose to embrace it. He transitioned from his elaborate, attention-grabbing hairstyles to a more understated, clean-cut look. This shift in appearance did not diminish his magnetic presence or impact on the sports world; if anything, it demonstrated a newfound level of confidence. 

Deion had tried different hair loss solutions throughout the years, but couldn’t find one that worked for him. He began to think that a solution simply didn’t exist for African American men. Then one day he saw his friend Brian Urlacher on TV showing off a new, full head of hair. “I texted him ‘WE NEED TO TALK’ – and he told me I needed to talk to the team at RESTORE,” Deion said. “Brian’s a friend and I really trust him, so it was on.”

Coach Deion Sanders: RESTORE Story
Coach Deion Sanders: RESTORE Story

What was your experience like with RESTORE Hair?

“From the time I walked into the office to the time I left it was wonderful care. The restore process was not painful whatsoever.” said Deion. The RESTORE method, founded by Dr. James Harris, is known as No-Shave F.U.E. The FUE hair transplant procedure is a surgical technique used to treat hair loss or baldness. It is one of the most advanced and popular methods for hair restoration. FUE involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from a donor area on the patient's body, typically the back or sides of the scalp, and transplanting them into areas with thinning or no hair. “The team of doctors relocated my hair follicles. I didn't have any hair at the top of my head, and they took where I’m plentiful, and restored it where it needed to go..” said Deion.

Deion goes on to say that RESTORE changed his life. “Restore has changed my life, Restore has brought my swagger back. Restore has given us an opportunity to present the best us. “I’m just referring people to RESTORE, one after one after one.” He goes on to say, “Hair is something else - what hair does to you, it’s unbelievable. Thank you, Restore. PRIMETIME is back!”

Deion sanders restore story

Advantages of No Shave F.U.E:

Minimally Invasive:

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure, which means it involves less scarring and a shorter recovery time compared to older techniques like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Natural Results:

Because individual follicles are extracted and transplanted, the results of FUE tend to look more natural compared to older techniques.


FUE can be used to transplant hair to various parts of the body, not just the scalp. It can be used for beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, and more.

Less Discomfort:

Patients usually experience less discomfort and pain during and after the procedure compared to other methods.

No Linear Scar:

Unlike FUT, FUE does not leave a linear scar in the donor area. Instead, it leaves tiny, dot-like scars that are less noticeable.

Deion Sanders willingness to openly address his hair loss journey has resonated with many, as it serves as a reminder that even sports icons are not immune to the natural processes of aging. His candid approach to the issue continues to help break down stigmas surrounding male pattern baldness and provides a relatable example for those experiencing the same issue.

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