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Balding You Can Thank Your Mom for That


Male Pattern Baldness

Publish Date:

May 25, 2015



Scientists have gone to great lengths to establish and pinpoint the cause of balding. The X chromosome harbors the gene responsible for hair loss. Children acquire all their X chromosomes from their mothers and the Y chromosomes from their dads.

A man can predict the future of his scalp by simply taking a quick glance at the men on his mother’s side although many other factors play a role in hair loss. Up to 80 % of balding is genetically acquired and the key gene responsible is found in maternal grandfather. A variation on chromosome 20 at a specific region termed 20p 11 has been associated with balding. The DNA changes in the chromosome have as much as four times the potential to cause baldness.

Each male child has a 50 percent chance of inheriting an X chromosome from their grandfather as passed down through the mom. If a grandfather has the gene responsible for balding, he will pass it to his children, but the daughter will get the X chromosome and never the Y chromosome. The daughters having two X chromosomes (one from their mom), will not experience balding because they have the extra X chromosome. The daughter will, however, pass the X chromosome to the unsuspecting son who will become bald.

Balding men share a characteristic AR receptor gene located on their X chromosome. It is no wonder that prescription-strength oral medication, which is essentially an inhibitor of male androgens is effective against balding. The presence of excess androgens on the scalp leads to miniaturization of the hair follicles. The healthy hair development is halted and lacks progression to form fully functional hair follicles.

Although Hair loss has many causes and exacerbations, mom’s gene pool can share in some of the blame. More research on blading is ongoing to establish the clear-cut link between mom and the son’s bald head.

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