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Non-Surgical Solutions for Hair Loss


For many clients, non-surgical options are the right choice to help them achieve their goals. Some people are not candidates for surgery or are simply not prepared to take the surgical route for a variety of reasons.

Non-surgical options can be a good choice for those who simply wish to maintain as much hair – and their current appearance – for as long as possible. This group of clients is satisfied to simply slow down the rate of hair loss. Think of it much like an insurance plan.

Non-surgical options can also be an integral part of a surgical plan. By utilizing hair-loss products, it is possible to retain more hair, which helps the overall look of a hair transplant procedure. Maintaining hair can also reduce the scope of any surgical hair transplant procedure. This can offer value to both the client who chooses surgery, and to those who plan to postpone their surgery until the time is right for them.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treats thinning hair by using a concentrated source of your own blood plasma to stimulate cell repair by releasing multiple different “growth factors” contained within your platelets. These growth factors regenerate and repair damaged/dying hair follicles, resulting in both hair regrowth as well as the thickening of existing hair follicles

Hair Restoration Laser Therapy

We offer two options for Laser Therapy. Theradome and Laser Cap. Both are a low-level laser therapy device that contains several hundred diodes that stimulate the scalp and follicular cells to promote cell metabolism, which in turn stimulates the hair follicle. The device can be worn throughout the day. This technology is most appropriate for diffuse thinning, which is most commonly seen among female clients. It is also appropriate for those at the earliest stages of hair loss. We recommend this technology immediately after a hair transplant procedure to help facilitate the recovery.

Hair Growth Products

Restore’s Hair Care System includes clinical strength products designed to nourish thinning follicles, prevent additional hair loss and stimulate growth, resulting in your hair growing thicker and denser. The Restore Hair Care System is a perfect supplement to a hair restoration procedure, or use as part of the Restore Non-Surgical plan.

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