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Top 10 Questions About Hair Loss

1. What is hair transplantation?

Answer: It is a natural process of relocating healthy follicles from the back of the head to the balding areas.

2. Is hair transplant permanent?

Answer: Yes. The hair transplanted will remain and grow for the rest of one’s life. You can style it, cut it, swim in it – IT’S YOUR OWN HAIR!

3. Why do people lose their hair?

Answer: Men and women lose their hair due to the production of a hormone called DHT or Di-hydro-testosterone.


4. Will hair restoration work for me?

Answer: Hair transplantation works for nearly 100% of patients who visit our office.

5. How long does it take for the new hair to grow out?

Answer: The transplanted hair typically begins to grow within 3 months and takes about one year to fully mature.

6. Does a hair transplant hurt?

Answer: A local anesthetic is used, and most patients report little to no pain whatsoever. Most people go back to work within a day or two after their hair transplant procedure.

7. Am I awake during the procedure?

Answer: Yes! You are fully awake and alert during the entire procedure. You’ll spend the afternoon working on your iPad, talking on your phone, or watching movies while healthy follicles are transplanted from your donor area to your balding spots.

8. Do I have to stay overnight?

Answer: No, this is a simple one day outpatient procedure.

9. How much does it cost?

Answer: Most people chose to simply finance the hair restoration treatment. They make monthly payments, starting at $150 per month.

10. How much recovery time is needed?

Answer: The recovery time is very short, and most people return to their normal activities within a couple days.